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The Next Best Thing to a Pot of Gold

We figured the likelihood of you finding a pot of gold today would be slim to none. After all, the weather isn’t looking like many rainbows will be appearing, and even if they did, you’re probably too busy celebrating to try and find the end of one. Well, we’re here to say don’t worry about missing out on the pot of gold, and just enjoy your St. Patrick’s day, because we’ve brought you the next best thing…

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10% Off Holiday Packaging for Christmas in July

Despite the record heat here in upstate NY we are in the Christmas Spirit. Mostly because we like giving gifts, (but also because our fall catalog will be coming out next month and we need to make room in our warehouse for all the holiday packaging) we are offering 10% off all winter holiday packaging. Just […]

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Great Bargains On Packaging!

We’ve been offering the featured product of the month (or in this case products) to our email newsletter subscribers, and now we are extending this offer to you as well. We hope you enjoy it.

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