3 Simple and Stylish DIY Crafts with Household Items

Whether you want to repurpose some glass bottles or cut out a stunning design from some construction paper, there’s nothing better than a simple DIY project. Having to go out and purchase costly supplies really dampers the fun, though, so stick to what you’ve already got at your fingertips. These DIY crafts made with household items are simple and stunning, and they won’t cost you a penny.

1. Clothespin Container

This DIY craft may look complex, but the process couldn’t be simpler. With just clothespins, a clean tuna can, and other optional decorative items, you can easily craft this rustic and charming container. Just paint the clothespins and clip them around the edge of the can, and you’re good to go. For more customization, you can glue on additional decorations such as paper flowers or twine. Whether you decide to put a tealight or some colorful flowers in it, this cute container will be the perfect decoration for your home.

2. Liquid Soap Dispensers

There’s nothing more charming than repurposed glass bottles. Wherever you decide to place them, they add a classic, rustic feel. Using an empty alcohol bottle and a spare soap pump, you can craft a totally unique liquid soap dispenser. To amp it up a bit, you could paint it, glue on decals, or wrap some twine around it. However you decide to customize it, this craft will look classic in any bathroom or kitchen.

3. Floor Cushions  

For a project that will be a hit with the kids, these floor cushions are the way to go. If you have an abundance of pillowcases lying around, put them to good use with this DIY. Simply sew five old pillowcases together at the seams and insert pillows to create a fun and functional floor cushion. This craft will be a hit at sleepovers, and it’s a great way to repurpose something that’s just collecting dust in the linen closet.