4 Oddly Shaped Gifts and How to Wrap Them

Not all gifts come in easy-to-wrap boxes. To help you solve your wrapping woes, we’ve put together a list of oddly shaped gifts and discuss how to wrap them.

A Candle

Candles are one of the most common gifts, but they’re also the hardest to wrap. One of the biggest mistakes people tend to make when wrapping cylindrical gifts are that they use too much wrapping paper. Instead, use just enough paper to wrap around the circumference of the candle. Depending on how wide the candle is, leave around 2 inches of wrapping paper on the top and bottom of the candle. Next, fold the ends into triangular sections and tape them down onto the lid and base. Adding a bow on top of the candle is a good way to hide any awkward tape marks.

A Ball

Wrapping spherical gifts may seem like an impossible task, but it’s actually pretty simple. Lay a couple sheets of tissue paper on top of one another and place your ball in the center. Then, round the corners off your tissue paper using a pair of scissors. Next, fold the tissue paper towards the top of the ball and gather it together—you may want to secure it with an elastic. Finally, cut around 10 inches of ribbon and use it to tie the corners together.

A Heart-Shaped Gift

With Valentines Day just around the corner, it’s a good time to learn how to wrap heart-shaped gifts. Start by placing your box on a sheet of wrapping paper. Cut around the box leaving roughly a 3-inch border of wrapping paper. Next, cut vertical slits throughout your border leaving around two inches between each slit. Once you’ve made your slits, fold, and tape them down onto your box. Then trace the shape of your box onto a separate sheet of wrapping paper and cut it out. Lastly, tape the wrapping paper heart onto the top of your box.

A Stuffed Animal

Use this wrapping trick the next time you gift someone a stuffed animal—no matter the shape or size. First, lay your stuffed animal on top of your wrapping paper. Next, wrap the paper around the width of the animal so that you can see how much wrapping paper you’ll need. Make sure that the ends overlap slightly and then tape them together. From there, fold the base of the tube upwards and form a diagonal crease so that you form a triangular flap on each side. Then, fold the tips of the triangles towards the middle and tape them down. This will create a sack that you can slide your stuffed animal into. At this point, all you’ll need to do is fold the top of the sack down a couple times and secure it with tape.

We hope these tips helped you learn how to wrap oddly shaped gifts, but if all else fails, you can always just put your gift in a cute bag. Good luck!