Business on a Budget: 4 Reasons Small Businesses should be Using Twitter


There’s no denying that social media has become the basis of digital marketing for businesses both big and small. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have become a business must-have when it comes to engaging with your target audience and creating brand awareness. We’ve already discussed why marketing on Facebook is crucial for your small business to grow in our blog, “Business on a Budget: 4 Reasons Small Businesses should be Using Facebook,” but now we put Twitter in the spotlight. 

#1: Power Platform

Unlike Facebook, Twitter has created an opportunity for your company to really broaden its voice and keep that voice consistent with each tweet delivered. You have the opportunity to make the Twitter account a platform where users can tweet questions and receive a timely response, a platform that keeps your voice humorous and light to rack in those likes and retweets, or a platform where you consistently keep your audience up to date with company news and events. Hey, maybe it’s a site where you can do all three – as long as you keep it consistent.

#2: Staying In the Now

Thanks to the Twitter search tool, you can keep up on what is trending throughout the world. Who knows, maybe you can relate your tweets to what’s trending and get people talking. Plus, keep an eye on your competitors. What have they been talking about? What’s getting them the same kind of engagement you’ve been craving? There’s no better insight to what people really think about your products than hitting up Twitter and seeing the hashtags with your company's name in it. If it’s a negative tweet, this gives you the opportunity to address it in hopes a positive customer service tweet isn’t too far behind. If it’s a positive tweet, Twitter gives you the platform to like and retweet it so all of your company’s followers get the memo that your company is totally awesome.

#3: Customer Service

It’s way easier nowadays to post a question or review as a tweet instead of typing up an email, or even worse, making a phone call. Twitter makes it easy for users to directly tweet at companies with questions, concerns, and comments. And who doesn’t love a quick response? Plus, keep up with your marketing trends with Twitter Analytics, so that you’re making sense of when is the best time to post, how many people you’re reaching, and what kind of content is getting the most views.

#4: If you’re not on Twitter, you’re Missing Out

Over 1 billion users are on Twitter. Think about how many different story lines, trends, and conversations are happening each day. If you’re not on Twitter, you’re missing out on everything! Twitter is also a mobile app making communication more easy and convenient than a non mobile friendly website. Plus, Twitter makes it easy to set up polls, run promotional campaigns, and really create your company’s voice.

So what are you waiting for? If you’re craving business development and want to build your customer engagement, hop on the Twitter train…everyone else already has!