Tips To Keep Merchandising Displays Fresh

A well lit and presented display has the power to both increase foot traffic and drive sales, while creating a professional image for your shop. Getting the basics right is crucial to your business’s health, especially in the competitive retail industry.

Increase Walk-In Traffic, With Effective Window Displays

Boutique Clothing Store Window Display

Reduce Clutter

Resist the temptation to cram a window display with an overabundance of merchandise. Narrow in on a few products or a specific line. Follow the mantra, less is more, and you’ll be off to a great start.

Maintain Interest

At a minimum, change up your window displays once or twice a month. Preferably, it’s better to do this more frequently. However, if you’re the sole proprietor and employee it may be tough to find the time. If that’s the case, try creating a themed setting that allows you to switch out similar groups of merchandise quickly.

Setting Up The Window

-    Plan it on paper. Before you begin its best to visualize the setup with a quick sketch. Are you maximizing vertical or horizontal space? Will products be arranged in circular, linear or a conical pattern? Use shapes to create a layout. A triangle might represent a set of gifts, while a rectangle could be signage.

-    Create a focal point, preferably at eye level. Customers don’t shop looking at their feet! The focus might be a new product, while complimentary items surround it to encourage multiple sales.

-    Maintain visual balance. A display can appear lopsided and unbalanced if not carefully planned out. Don’t weight too many products to one side. If you do this, be sure to balance it out with a larger, heavier item on the opposing side. The same theory applies to color. Darker items usually work best on the bottom with a transition to lighter shades up top.

-     Review every angle. Rarely do people stand in front of a display. Customers will approach it from multiple points of view. Does your focal point stand out from multiple angles? Is there still balance? Do you need to adjust signage to make the message visible to a greater field of view?

Create An Inspiration Library

The best ideas often come from other stores. Keep your camera handy, you might see a display you like when out about town. Keep these cataloged for a day when you’re feeling uninspired.

Creating Sales With Indoor Displays

Gourmet Chocolate Store Window Display

Make A Memorable Entrance

The first 30 seconds, from when a customer steps foot into your store, are crucial in influencing their decision to buy. Are you making a great impression? Like window displays, it pays to constantly move products and fixtures to create and maintain excitement.

Arranging Floor Fixtures

The sizes and arrangement of gondola shelves, and other floor fixtures is dependent on your shop’s floor space, shape and needs. If you display a lot of merchandise on wall shelving, then it would probably be best to choose low, (neck height), gondolas to increase visibility throughout your store. Or you might opt for tall shelving fixtures (6 to 8’ tall) to create dividing sections for distinct product groups and themes.

Going Vertical

Don’t use wall space as the overflow parking lot for product that doesn’t fit on the floor. Keeping merchandise neat and orderly will directly affect its salability.

The Register

The cash register is the Alamo of retail. It’s your last chance to make one last impulse sale. However, resist the urge to flood the counter top with product. Just like shelving, keep the area clean and orderly. Be sure to swap out product occasionally to keep it fresh. Use the wall behind the register to highlight seasonally themed merchandise, or special promotional products.

What other merchandising tips and tricks do you use for selling products? We'd love to hear your comments.

Photo credits:
- Jake Miller
- Matt Grommes