Taking time to disconnect

As technology evolves, so do the challenges of running a business. In the past, staying connected and keeping a pulse on your day to day business meant making sure you have a constant presence in your office and lots of face time with your employees. The invent of email and smart phones has drastically limited this issue while at the same time creating new ones. Times in the past where you could sit back and reflect on your big picture business goals have largely been displaced by being glued to your smart phone. The same effort that used to have to be put towards being connected now needs to be exerted towards taking time to disconnect. It is not enough to think about macro issues when you “have the time”; because you will quickly find that that time no longer exists. It is the responsibility of business people to set aside specific time to shut off the phone, close the door and think about what’s truly important in business. After all, if the overall goals for your business are not being clearly defined and maintained, then what are your hours of working on the day to day issues going towards?  As they say “don’t lose sight of the forest for the trees”.