Small Business Saturday – A Day of Great Sales without the Crowds

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The Saturday after Thanksgiving, November 30th this year, is known as Small Business Saturday (SBS). This day was created by American Express in 2010. Amex made an offer that when people used an American Express credit card to purchase something from a registered small business on the Saturday after Thanksgiving, they would get credited. The initial promotion was that a $25 credit would be applied after spending $25 or more; this year however it’s been changed to $10.

SBS is a great day for local retail owners and consumers alike. Indie stores get publicized plus foot traffic and sales greatly increase. When a family-owned store signs up to be part of the SBS program, the store is offered free advertising to show the public that they will receive credit for shopping at their store. Everyone wants to get money back, so people will definitely look out for these signs so they know where to go when Saturday rolls around.

To show how much SBS increases sales, let’s bring in some stats:

    • Consumers spent $5.5 billion at independent retailers last year on Small Business Saturday

    • There has been a 21% increase in Amex SBS transactions each year for the past two years

People love Small Business Saturday even if they don’t have American Express cards. Many people don’t go shopping on Black Friday due to the huge crowds; this is not the case with SBS. Consumers get great sales from small businesses without the angry crowds and without having to camp outside the store the night before. Family-owned stores retain their relaxed and personable mentality even when having a big sale. People also feel better when purchasing from independent retailers; they feel like they’re giving back to their community and receiving good quality products in return.

It’s important to support small businesses because they are valuable to the population at large. Local retailers create many jobs; in fact in the past 20 years, 2 of every 3 net new jobs were created thanks to new and small businesses. Over half of the working population in the United States are either working for or own a small business. So when you support small businesses, you’re supporting America’s economical status as well.

If you are a small business and want to get in on SBS, click here to sign up and receive your free promotional items. Don’t wait too long; registration closes November 4th. If you are part of or plan on becoming part of SBS, keep in mind that you have to do some of your own work in order to make this upcoming SBS successful for you. It’s very important to promote that you are part of the SBS program and make sure to mention all the great sales you will be having. This is the one day out of the whole year that the biggest sales should be put out. You may never have considered marking your products so low but doing so just for this one day will be sure to increase your sales. It’s been seen over and over again each year. So don’t be scared to take risks with your sales, just jump in!

If you are a consumer, don’t miss out on this great opportunity! Not only are you giving to your community, but you’re also getting $10 back in addition to receiving good quality products from your local stores. Check out the stores currently registered for SBS here.

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