Packaging The Story Of Your Business

To create beautiful packaging your business story must be woven into the design. Your company is unique, and any product packaging should reflect that to current and potential customers.

Therefore, packaging should reflect a personality. The challenge is, how do you accomplish this in an interesting way? Fortunately, it’s much easier than you think. It can be achieved very inexpensively, and does not require an abundance of artistic ability.

Planning Before Packaging

Before starting out, seriously think about the following question, as the answer will influence your design, and choice of materials.

    • What message should your packaging say about your business?

This question sounds simple, but should not to be taken lightly. The answer requires a firm grasp of what makes your business unique. A helpful exercise that will assist you in answering this question is to write down a list of adjectives, which come to mind when you think of your store, or as you look around your store, and the products you carry. For example, “homey, upscale, funky, handcrafted, friendly, whimsical…etc.” From this list you should be able to put together a description of what type of packaging would best suit your business.

For instance, here's a helpful answer, “I want my packaging to show this product was handcrafted by a person who takes great pride in details, but without the pretense.” This response provides a clearer direction for choosing the style of packaging.

Unique Packaging Ideas

Now that you’ve answered what makes your business unique, it’s time to choose packaging that represents that personality. The following examples should get you on track to creating memorable packaging.

1. Create eye candy hang tags made from business cards.

Create Hang Tags From Moo CardsA great service for creating cards is Add a product photo to the front face, along with product info, pricing and your website on the back. Use a curling ribbon or raffia string for added flair, and to tie items together.

If you sell jewelry, use the cards as a backdrop to highlight earrings. Flex your creative muscles, and it’ll be that much easier to sell your jewelry. Another option would be to use velour display stands.

2. Use odd shaped and uncommon packaging materials.

Me Bath Unique Product PackagingSometimes the product is the story, making it much easier to create unique packaging. For instance, it didn’t take an imaginative leap to package the sherbet scented bath soaps created by Me Bath into ice-cream tubs.

Every product will benefit by adding an element of surprise to its packaging. It’s a sure fire way to spark interest in your customers.

Rather than the usual gift box, opt for clear plastic cylinders that showcase your products. The cases are unexpected, and can be reused by your customers. Another option is to take a familiar object like Chinese take out boxes, and repurpose them as gift boxes.

3. Go green with recycled packaging.

Green isn’t a fad it’s a lifestyle choice. Recycled packaging can be a deciding factor in a person's decision to buy a product.

Create Your Own Gift Boxes Like KitchenSinkIf you’re seasoned crafter, consider making your own boxes like KitschenSink, who makes hers from vintage comics like those shown in the picture. There are plenty of online tutorials that layout the basics for creating your own boxes.

Or take a cue from Bario-Neal. Their jewelry is shipped in 100% recycled glass jars sealed with real cork. That qualifies as eco-chic and uncommon packaging.

For those who are “craft-challenged”, you still have options to show your green credibility. When you buy gift boxes and bags made with recycled content, be sure to let your customers know it. Even better, download our PDF list of easy tips for re-using cardboard boxes, plastic and paper bags. Hand out printed copies with each purchase.

4. Stamp On Your Personality

Stamping has become an extremely popular craft, so jump on this growing trend and imprint your personality on gift bags and boxes. Local craft stores will have the rubber stamps, ink and carving tools you’ll need to get started.

If you don’t consider yourself a crafter, it’s still possible to create packaging with presence. Hot stamping and ink printing are affordable options to get your packaging noticed.

5. Add a thoughtful message

What you do after the sale says volumes about you. Continue the relationship by adding a thank you message as part of the packaging.

For the busy shop owner a friendly thank you at the checkout and an enclosure card slipped into a gift bag works wonders.

If you’re shipping the item, take the time to write an appreciative personal note by hand.

Share Your Packaging Stories

Now that you’re imagination has been sparked by the power of packaging and story telling we’d love to hear your examples. If you have examples of unique packaging, please share in the comments section.