How Do You Celebrate Earth Day in Your Business?


Reduce, Reuse and Recycle is the mantra of Earth day. We applaud that all year long and we do our best to provide information on which products are made from recycled materials or which are easily recycled. We also intentionally seek out environmentally friendly products such as reusable totes or our biodegradable jute cords. We know we’re not alone, and that many of you step up in a big way when it comes to keeping our planet clean.
This year for Earth Day, we hope you’ll share your stories with us.  What practices have you adopted in your businesses that make a difference? How have you gotten your children involved in Earth day? Do you celebrate with your customers? Leave a comment with your tips, stories or pictures and we’ll share them on our Facebook page, or compile them into a big resource on our blog (or both). Be sure to include links to your website, Facebook page etc. so we can properly credit you. We hope this will be a great way to encourage each other and the greater community.

Happy Earth Day!

*Note we reserve the right to vet submitted material and not share it if we deem the material inappropriate. We are a family friendly business ;-)