6 Wonderful Ways Your Business Can Celebrate Earth Day

Earth Day may still seem far away, but it’s never too soon to start implementing some Earth-friendly habits. You may take shorter showers or print double-sided at home, but what about at work? A lot of people tend to lose track of their eco-friendly habits when they come to work, but Earth Day is the perfect opportunity to encourage those habits in the workplace. Here are some wonderful ways your business can celebrate Earth Day—from choosing smarter packaging choices to turning out the lights, big and small changes alike will make a difference.

Form a Green Team

This is probably one of the best things you can do for the office. Think of your “green team” as a sustainability team that focuses on conserving resources and finding smarter, greener choices for the company. Its sole purpose is to find ways to reduce the company’s impact on the environment. A few things the team could change include switching to green retailing, planning out green volunteer events, or finding ways to reduce waste.

Replace Light Bulbs with CFLs or LEDs

If your company hasn’t already done so, switch out your fluorescent light bulbs. Choose the much more efficient CFLs or LEDs to reduce your company’s carbon footprint and the pesky headaches that often result from fluorescent bulbs. The sooner you make the switch. the sooner you’ll reduce the building’s energy consumption.

Plant Company Trees

Volunteering is a great way to encourage company culture, but you can go the extra mile by helping the planet at the same time. Planting trees is a great way to do just that. You’ll get to spend time together as a company outside the office, and you’ll help the planet by planting trees that are vital to the environment. It’s a simple thing you can do on Earth Day itself—or you could even do it once a month!

Take Recycling Seriously

Sure, you have trash cans around the office—but if you don’t offer recycling bins, then employees will throw a lot of recyclable materials into the garbage. Make sure your company takes recycling seriously and place recycling bins throughout the office. You can take that a step further and encourage different textile recycling: recycling clothes is important, so consider providing clothing donation bins in the office on Earth Day as well.

Encourage Carpooling

Another important habit to encourage on Earth Day and throughout the year is carpooling or taking public transportation. Make it easier for people to do so by allowing later start times so that no one gets in trouble for a longer commute due to picking up coworkers.

Use Less Paper

Most importantly, strive to use less paper in the office. Use paperless contracts; print on both sides of papers; and include taglines on e-mails to discourage unnecessary printing. There are tons of ways to use less paper and to use the resource smartly