6 Ways to Attract Customers to Your Retail Store

Offer Buy Online, Pick Up in Store Options

Also known as a BOPIS, this offers customers the option to still shop online—only you get the revenue, and they don’t have to pay for shipping. Not to mention, this gets the customer in the store to pick up their purchase, which could lead to more purchases once they’re in.

Offer Price Matching and Discounts

You’re competing directly with the convenience of online shopping. One way to counteract this is to offer a price match policy. Think about it—how many times have you almost bought an item in a retail store, pulled out your phone, and realized it’s cheaper online? You obviously don’t want to lose business over such a simple fix. In addition, depending on your business, it may be a good idea to offer discounts or weekly ads.

Pay Attention to Curb Appeal and Interior Design

It’s critical for retailers to have a great storefront and store design. That means you must maintain the outside of your store, regardless of the cost. If paint is peeling or your sign is unlit, no one is going to walk in. Once you’ve fixed those, it’s time to take care of the interior. The idea behind this is to create consistency and an expectation. Think about an Apple store: you could blindly enter any Apple store in the world, and once you were inside, you’d know exactly where you were. One of the many effective design tips for boutiques is to pay attention to your lighting, which can not only create a positive atmosphere, but also draw attention to displays or products.

Exceed Customer Expectations

Another crucial aspect of retail stores is customer service. Remember, you’re competing with personalized results on e-commerce sites. This means that when a customer makes the decision to come into your store, your job is to make a memorable, positive experience. If you give customers your personal attention, make them feel welcomed, and thank them for their purchase, they’ll likely remember you and come back because of the experience they had.

Know Your Customers

Just like any other business, you must know who your customer is, what they do, and what they’re interested in. Cater to their needs as much as you can. For example, if you’re located in a city where a lot of people use bicycles for transportation, you should have a bike rack in front of your store. This is one way to attract customers to your retail store because it shows that you’re aware of your shoppers’ needs.

Use Excellent Packaging

Lastly, product packaging has huge effects on consumer behavior. You should have eco-friendly packaging—preferably clear, if possible. This way, customers can see the physical product before they buy it, not just an image on the box. No one’s going to buy something if they don’t know what it is.

A lot goes into making your store attractive to customers, but once you complete the necessary tasks, you’ll thank yourself. Incorporate these six ways to attract customers to your retail store, and watch your business grow.