6 Remarkable Benefits of Eco-Friendly Bags

No doubt, plastic is everywhere. In fact, just last year, plastic bag debris polluted about 10% of the U.S. coastline, and this percentage has likely gone up since. Thus, it’s crucial that we reduce our plastic consumption and seek alternative solutions. You can start by swapping out your shopping bags. Fortunately, the benefits of eco-friendly bags are seemingly endless—we share six of them with you below.

It Takes Less Energy to Make Them

Let this sink in: it takes 12 million barrels of oil to produce 100 billion plastic bags. Although it still takes some energy to create and transport reusable bags, you’re contributing to less resource waste down the road.

Many of Them Better Our Planet

Unlike plastic bags that take hundreds of years to degrade, a large portion of reusable bags contains natural materials, such as canvas, cloth, and jute. This means they quickly biodegrade after you’re done using them. By using fewer plastic bags, you can contribute to a cleaner environment that doesn’t require a ton of cleanup.

They’re Cost Effective

Eco-friendly bags cost money, but numerous stores now charge a tax on single-use plastic bags. Think about it this way—would you rather spend money every time you use a bag, or pay one fee for a bag that you can use dozens of times?

They Take Up Less Space

Are you one of those people that has piles of plastic bags in your pantry? Thankfully, when you own a couple of reusable bags, you can forego your massive stash of plastic ones. All you must do is remember to take them with you whenever you go out shopping.

They’re Easy to Clean

Due to unseen bacteria, some may be wary of reusable bags. Fortunately, sterilizing them is simple. Oftentimes, you can just clean them by hand or toss them in the washing machine.

They’re Practical

Many people prefer to use eco-friendly bags because they’re undoubtedly stronger than flimsy plastic; they won’t rip or break mid grocery trip. Plus, they’re simply more comfortable. Not only can you carry more in reusable bags, but you’ll feel less stress on your hands and shoulders. Additionally, reusable bags last much longer than disposable bags. In fact, you can use them hundreds of times before you need new ones. While there are many benefits of eco-friendly bags, to us, that’s reason enough to opt for them!