How Packaging Affects the Sales of Your Product

Every company trying to sell a product knows their packaging plays an important role in their sales. Whether it’s for a children’s toy or a set of tools, the packaging is what supplies the consumer with the information they need to feel comfortable making a purchase. There are several aspects to effective packaging; however, it’s important to understand how packaging affects sales in more specific ways.

Appealing Logo Design and Name

Consumers often associate a product’s packaging with the brand that makes it. If customers like the brand, they’re more likely to feel positively about the packaging, and, by extension, the logo. By clearly displaying the brand’s logo, the packaging of a product often functions as an extension of the brand’s mission statement. Consumers who are loyal to the brand will be more likely to respond to the packaging and buy the product.

Attention-Grabbing Colors and Patterns

For consumers who aren’t as loyal to a brand, color can be one of the fastest ways to grab their attention and develop brand recognition. In the world of marketing, a certain color can communicate everything from the brand to what the product does. Because of the power of specific colors in the minds of the consumers, the packaging needs to accurately portray the colors associated with both the brand and the type of product.

Package Stability

Once the packaging piques the consumer’s interest, they will likely observe how sturdy the package feels in their hands. Consumers are less likely to purchase something that might not be fully protected within the packaging. Since consumers want assurance that they won’t need to return a product later on, sturdy and secure packaging is one factor by which they’ll gauge the quality of your product.

Clear Representation of Information

After the general message of the product and brand are conveyed to the consumer, they’re going to want to read more about the product before they commit to buying it. Through the typography on the package, the consumer will be able to learn more about the benefits of that product, how to use it, and why it’ll be a good investment. Successful packaging will leave the consumer satisfied that they know enough about the product to make an informed decision about whether or not to buy it.