7 Adorable and Creative Baby Shower Basket Ideas

Spring tends to come with a multitude of parties—including baby showers. If you’re struggling to come up with gift ideas for the next day of festivities, we’re here to help! Gift baskets are a wonderful way to provide a myriad of essentials for mom and baby. Below, we’ll list out a few baby shower basket ideas to help you give your closest friends thoughtful baby shower gifts.

First things first: you’ll want to purchase a basket—big or small, made from bamboo, fabric, or rope—and find a box that matches thematically. Having a theme makes it easier when you’re shopping, since you can focus on items that fit. Below you’ll find a few themes to consider, along with items that match—and a few items for mom.  

Adorable Baby Shower Basket Ideas

Nautical Basket

The nautical theme is quite a popular one for babies. It’s gender-neutral and your options, as long as you find sea- or boat-related items, are numerous. From anchor-patterned sheets to cute beach-themed canvases, you’ll find adorable nautical-themed baby items at almost any store.

For the mama: Sea salt bath scrubs for ultimate relaxation.

Animal Basket

This basket can include anything from farm animals to jungle animals to a pet-specific theme. Think about purchasing a soft animal blanket—you never know, it may end up being the baby’s security blanket!  You can also gift some stuffed animals, animal onesies (make sure to size up), and bath towels with animals on them. You won’t have trouble finding animal-themed gifts for babies!

For the mama: “Coupon” to take her baby to the zoo so that she gets a day off.

“Oh-Shoot” Basket

The “Oh-Shoot” basket should be full of all of the emergency items the new parents will need. From extra diapers and baby wipes to a new pacifier or baby bottle, there are so many things that parents use daily and may run out of at four in the morning.

For the mama: Coffee for those times when she’s up all night.

Spring Basket

This can include a wide range of things, such as flowers, bumblebees, rainbows, and clouds. The Spring basket is meant to be happy! Photos of beautiful Spring landscapes, cute bunnies, and so on will bring brightness to a room. You can also stick to one category of items, whether that be bath items, clothing, or décor.

For the mama: A nice, relaxing lavender-scented candle.

Sleepy Basket

Nighttime is mommy’s best friend—gift her some nice items to help her and the baby unwind. Goodnight Moon is a classic, but there are many other lovely bedtime stories out there. If these don’t do the trick, a CD filled with lullabies or a sound machine can help her calm the baby. For the basket itself, consider moon, star, and planet decorations.

For the mama: Babies aren’t the only ones who like soft blankets.

Monochromatic Basket

These are the simplest baskets to go with. If you know the gender of the baby, pick up a blue or pink basket and shop for clothing and linens that match. However, yellow and gray are on the rise. Lemon-patterned bibs or gray-striped blankets are wonderful options.

For the mama: Her favorite snack that fits the chosen color.

Food Basket

This could be a smaller basket in which you supply different food items for both baby and parents. Think about gift cards, subscription boxes that send meals to ensure that the parents are eating too, a myriad of baby food jars, and maybe even some snacks. Be creative!

For the mama: Gift card to her favorite restaurant.