5 Beautiful Ribbon Projects

Ribbons aren’t just for adorning presents or securing gift tags! There are many wonderful ways you can utilize ribbons to make homemade gifts for people you love. Try these five beautiful ribbon projects to make use of your leftover ribbons and create something wonderful in the process.

  1. DIY Statement Necklace

All you need for this project is a yard of black velvet ribbon and nine golden metal curtain rings. In 8 easy steps, you’ll have what looks like a high-end piece of jewelry. Of course, feel free to change up the colors and materials according to your taste—it’ll look pristine any way you do it!

  1. Ribbon Trim Jacket

If you have some ribbon and a jacket that needs to be spruced up, then you’re ready to personalize your jacket and turn it into something unique and fashionable. With a needle, thread, hot glue, and a little imagination, you can add trim to your sleeves, lapels, or anything else you desire.

  1. Hanging Ribbon House

This is a fun project if you want some cute decorations to hang in your home or on your front door. This hot glue ribbon house is just the right amount of adorable, and it’s simple, too. All you need is a wooden house, fabric glue, ribbon, hemp cord, and scissors. Always think about what you can craft before you spend money on a trinket that’s easy to replicate at home!

  1. Ribbon Cushion Pillow

With a few simple tools, you can transform any pillow in just three steps! Use any kind of ribbon that matches your décor—the more colorful the ribbon, the more exciting your pillow. This project requires sewing, so make sure that you’ve got a sewing basket, pin cushion, fabric cutter, seam ripper, tape measure, tailor’s chalk, and pins.

  1. Ribbon Key Chain

If you have keys, you could probably use a chain to hold them. Key chains are one of those things that are easy to lose, so you may want to make your own distinctive item using some cotton webbing, any ribbon of your choice, key fob hardware, a sewing machine and thread, pliers, and soft cloth.