Business on a Budget: 4 Reasons Small Businesses Should be Using Facebook

It’s no secret that Facebook is a beast when it comes to marketing and advertising for your small business. Unfortunately, many small businesses don’t realize just how much Facebook can actually do for you and the team you’re growing, without burning a hole in your wallet. So where are the shortcuts? How can you advertise on a free platform without missing out on the opportunities paid platforms offer? Check out the four reasons you should set up your Business Facebook page today and never look back again.

Customer Service

Customer service should be top of mind for any small business trying to make their mark locally. Facebook can be an amazing tool to help get your audience the answers they need when they need it. Customers want to be addressed right away, and what better way to do this than having any messages and notifications linked directly to your personal Facebook account? Sure, it will get annoying, and you’ll wish you never did it. But, small businesses have to pay the price for success sometimes, right? Additionally, customers are able to easily write customer reviews for you right on the ‘Book which can be displayed whenever anyone sees your business page. Plus, it offers your customers a quick CTA and “about” page to check out while they’re Facebooking throughout their day.


If you’re a small business just starting off and are just getting your feet on the ground with social media, skip the Buffers and the Hootsuites of the marketing world and just use Facebook’s publishing tools to schedule your posts for the week. Not only will that save you some monthly fees, but you’ll also have everything you need right on one social page, including all the analytics that other publishing platforms provide.


Facebook provides users an “Insights” tool that allows users to check the analytics of how well their posts are performing. This is all a free attribute Facebook provides to their business pages. This is crucial for identifying who your target audience is, what time of day gets the most engagement, what types of posts gets the most feedback and what your audience likes to see posted. It’s difficult and potentially costly to make these judgments without having the facts so it’s crucial to have this info present and to check it frequently. If your posts are hitting the wrong target audience, that ultimately won’t help your business grow.

Paid Advertisements:

Even though Facebook provides users with a free platform for brand awareness, they do offer businesses the chance to create paid advertisements. Even though this will cost you, the price isn’t going to butcher your budget. Boosting a post that is doing well can cost you as little as twenty dollars, and you can target who sees the post based off of age, gender location, and so much more.