The Mobile Friendly Checklist: How to Know if Your Website Is Making Your Sales Drop

Emails, texts, calls, social media, shopping, research, likes, tweets, pins. People have become attached to their cell phones for a number of reasons, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. But, it could have a horrible impact on your business. In the age where social media is blooming and landline phones have disappeared (seriously, what is a landline phone?!) it’s become crucial that your business stays in the game with the ever changing dynamic that’s surrounding mobile devices. So how’s your company’s website holding up? Well, take a peek at our mobile friendly checklist to find out!


How fast can your website load on a mobile device? Studies have shown that if it takes longer than 3 seconds to fully load on a mobile device, the user is most likely to leave the site. Three seconds seems a bit unfair to just ditch a website over, but because we’ve become so attached to constant contact with our phones, our attention spans (believe it or not!) have severely shortened, making 3 seconds feel like a lifetime of waiting. So what’s your number? If it’s over 3 seconds, try to investigate the problem. Most times, the images we’re using on our sites have way too big of an image size that makes downloading them take forever. Try swapping those out or compressing the file size.


It’s a no brainer that your website design isn’t going to be the same format on a desktop than it is on your cell phone. If you think designing your website is crucial for your audience’s love and attention, then making sure its format is mobile friendly is a must. If viewers have a difficult time navigating through your site to find what they need, they’ll be quick to abort that mission and hop on another site if it’s too difficult to find what they’re looking for.


Test your website yourself and make sure any of the links you have displayed correctly correspond to the proper URL’s. Make sure nothing is incorrectly hyperlinked. Does the shopping cart tool work? Is all the key information and contact information on your site easily readable? Do all your images display or do some of them disappear? It’s imperative that every button, link, image, and text displays correctly or you’re risking your audience’s devotion to your site.


Ultimately, if your website is mobile friendly, you’re going to be getting more sales. Users will find themselves roaming your website and making the conversions you’ve set up because it’s mobile user friendly. It’s the little things that can make a huge difference when it comes to how you can increase your sales. Additionally, Google knows what’s up and knows (probably before you do), if your site is mobile friendly. If it is, you’re in luck, and Google will rank your site higher on the SERP based off its somewhat mysterious algorithm, which again, could only help your sales get a boost.

If you find that you’re striking out on most of these mobile friendly qualifications, the good news is you can take the mobile friendly website test! There are numerous website generators on Google that will run a test through your website and give you precise details on what it is you need to change. How cool is that?!