It’s Not What It Seems: Hidden Messages in Brand Logos

Look again. From your television to your car or from your new kicks to the soda you’re drinking, there’s a hidden message in so many popular company logos that you may have never even known about. Sometimes it takes a twist of your head, looking at something upside down, or just taking a step back. But once you see it, you’ll say, “Ahh, I see what they did there!” and you’ll never be able to look at that logo the same way again, which is exactly what these brands want. The point is you can make a hidden meaning in your boutique or shop’s logo too! Check out some of these totally rad logo designs that have a little more to them than you really thought.

#1: The Rule Breaker Logo

You probably see this logo every single day, multiple times a day actually, and never thought anything of it, after all, it’s just Google; it’s not like they’re totally all knowing and are smarter than anyone ever. But take a closer look. Ever wonder why they break the primary color pattern and stick in the random secondary color toward the end? Apparently, they wanted their users to know that they’re not all business. They can have fun and break the rules too. Is your mind totally blown? Who would’ve thought? Google. Go figure.

#2:  The One Cheese Fans Love to Hate

Tostitos gets sneaky with the message behind their logo. The “i” isn’t justttt an “i” in its title. It’s actually two friends eating Tostitos and salsa. Because what’s eating Tostitos if there’s no salsa? Cue the cheese fan rage.

#3: The There’s A Lot Going On Here Logo:

It’s a little bit of everything when it comes to NBC’s logo. It’s a lot of colors. But unlike Google, their individual colors mean nothing here. NBC made this logo in the 1950’s when color TV was just being used, so the company wanted to use a multitude of colors to let audiences know what they’re missing out on while using black and white TV. But that’s not all they’re doing here. Check out the logo closely. Do you see the peacock? NBC wanted to use a hidden peacock to express how they are a loud broadcaster! Oh, it’s also not just facing forward for no reason. They’re symbolizing moving forward in the future. Did you catch all of that?

#4: The Simple yet Powerful Logo

Feel like you can conquer anything when you wear a pair of Adidas? If so, the hidden meaning behind their logo design is working. The three uneven bars on top of the verbiage is supposed to be a mountain, which correlates with their slogan, “impossible is nothing.” The challenges athletes face are just that, challenges that they can face and overcome. Adidas wants to push users past their limits, no matter who you are or what you do. If you didn’t feel inspired after reading that…please read it again, maybe you missed something…like the fact that you too CAN CLIMB MOUNTAINS!

So moral of the blog is that you can create a killer meaning inside your logo that customers will always attach with your brand, which is exactly what they want! Just like when you think of Mom’s home cookin’, you’ll instantly think of Wendy’s! Oh, wait…you don’t? Maybe you should look up why some people do…

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