Top 4 Clever Packaging Designs! Why You’ll Want to Buy These Products TODAY!

There’s more to buying a product than the name brand or the product itself. Well, maybe that’s not entirely true. Most of the time we shop based off brand and price, right? Well we’re here to show you there’s more to buying a product than the name on the box. And sometimes, it’s worth the few extra bucks to get a good laugh or to freak out your friends. Below are the top 4 creative packaging designs you can actually purchase!

Fourth Place: Good Hair Day Pasta:

Brace yourselves: It’s about to get real gross, real quick. The most nauseating thing that could happen to you while you’re eating, is getting a piece of hair in your food, am I right? Whether it was spotted on your plate as you go to take that bite, or if you’re too late and chewing on it, it’s disgusting and definitely an appetite killer (first world problem, I know, but come on, it’s gross)! 

Well Nikita Konkin, thankfully, took a more positive spin when it came to her Golden A’ Design Award winning Good Hair Day Pasta packaging. Whether it’s straight, curly or wavy, Konkin has taken the perfect twist on hair and pasta types. Hopefully, you look at these boxes and think “hair day” and not “hair in my food,” like my original thought.

Third Place: Dog Snacks:

Dogs. Did that grab your attention? Who doesn’t love dogs?! (If you’re a cat person, I advise you to just...go away). Everyone knows when it comes to dog products, the packaging immediately grabs your attention because there’s the Gerber Baby version but of dog form on every product you look at in the store. That creates equal competition across the board, because let’s face it, we can’t choose which dog food to get our pup based off the bag, because they’re all so stinkin’ cute. But one company took their marketing up a notch.

Whitebites knows every dog is cute, so they added some humor into their package. Check out the pearly whites on these guys! At first glance, you think the dog sticks are actually part of the box, but fooled ya! They’re actually the product itself. Not only does this package have dog lovers turning their heads as they round the dog aisle, but they’re sure not to forget the image or the brand itself, even if they don’t pick it up and bring it home to their four legged friend. 

Second Place: Blood:

Freak out your friends with this blood looking drink! When it comes to creative packaging, this one almost takes the cake! Harcos Labs is to thank for this freaky drink. The fruit punch flavored coloring is almost too real, it’s chilling. You may not buy it and drink it, but it’s definitely an eye grabber. Who woulda thought?

First Place: Fit Buns:

Well. A wise woman once said, “I love bread! I don’t deny myself bread. I eat it every day.” Now, let’s face it, that sums up about 100% of us Americarbs, but please tell me you know it was the great Oprah Winfrey! Even if you aren’t a huge bread lover like Oprah, would you deny yourself these buns?! I sure wouldn’t. Fit buns from OXOT takes home the winning price. And we can see (and feel!) why.

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