7 Easy Ways to Reduce Packaging Waste and Save Money

Rising landfill costs have compelled manufacturers, retailers, and distributors to use packaging material as efficiently as possible and prevent waste. From using reusable packaging to product refills to self-dispensing solutions, retail businesses are trying every way to reduce their packaging waste but the most effective and eco-friendly way to cut down on packaging waste is to produce less waste in the first place.

While it is not possible to completely eliminate packaging waste, you can follow these 8 steps to reduce waste and save time and money:

  1. Analyze Your Sales Trend

Every single dollar that you save on packaging material will have a direct impact on your bottom line. Analyzing the consumption and demand for goods will help you avoid over ordering of raw materials for packaging and help you ensure that you have only what is required on your stock. Packaging waste is not only bad for your profits but also for the environment so reduce your packaging waste and make your business more efficient.


  1. Recycle Packaging Materials

Recycling packaging waste is great for the environment so consider using your left-over packaging materials to stack your office equipment and send any unused material for recycling. You can also consider using biodegradable packaging to reduce business expenses and get your green credentials.


  1. Establish a Waste Reduction Policy

Separate your packaging waste for recycling and involve your staff in designing your waste policy and procedures. Promote eco-friendly efforts that aim to reduce waste and give your staff proper guidance on the weight and pressure that product packaging can take to prevent any wastage. Investigate how your staff can use a waste exchange scheme and train them on careful and meticulous packaging. A good packaging design will also help your staff minimize the amount of materials needed for packing consumer goods while ensuring adequate protection.


  1. Invest in an Industrial Shredder to Save Money

Paper shredders are a great investment to get rid of confidential documents with sensitive information. Designed to handle a high volume, industrial shredders can also turn shredded paper into bales. Cardboard boxes typically cost a lot of money for disposal but retailers can use an industrial shredder to cut used cardboard boxes into filler material for fragile goods and save big. 


  1. Replace Shrink-Wrap with Self-Stacking Boxes

Overpackaging can not only annoy your customers but also invite unnecessary costs in terms of labor, materials and energy over and above the disposal cost. Self-stacking boxes and paper banding are a cost-effective and practical option for packaging products. While shrink-wraps and poly-bagging waste a lot of resources, self-stacking boxes ensure complete safety during storage and transit while offering easy product access with reduced labor, material and energy use. 


  1. Partner with a Green Community Project

If timely removal of waste takes a lot of time, you can consider partnering with local community projects that can use the packaging waste constructively. Animal shelters, kids clubs, or any other project that needs material like cardboard, paper, or plastic sheets can come and collect your packaging waste and put it to good use.


  1. Use a Baler or Trash Compactor Before Recycling Cardboard and Plastic Sheeting

Ensure that all the used cardboard and plastic sheeting is flattened and baled before you send it for recycling. Industrial balers are designed to efficiently compress and bind packaging waste into compact bales for effortless handling and hassle-free transportation. Using balers or trash compactors allows retailers to greatly reduce the amount of time and effort invested on the recycling process.

Using these methods will help you cut down waste, save money, keep customers happy and protect the environment.

Author Bio: 

Erich Lawson is very passionate about the environment and is an advocate of effective recycling. He writes on a wide array of topics to inform readers on how modern recycling equipment can be used by industries to reduce monthly wastage bills and increase recycling revenue. You can learn more about environment saving techniques by visiting his blog Northern California Compactors, Inc blog.