Who should Customize their Retail Packaging?

Retail packaging comes in many shapes and sizes. From the plastic bottle that your laundry detergent comes in to the pallet on the floor at Costco, to the paper bag that you carried your groceries home in (right, I meant to say the reusable non-woven tote you carried your groceries home in). These are all examples of “retail packaging”.

I’m specifically talking about the types of bags and boxes that are used by small (mostly mom and pop) stores and given to customers to get their purchases home safely. I would hazard a guess that most store owners find this type of retail packaging a “necessary evil”, mostly because it’s purchased at a cost and given away for free. But in retail (as in life) when we have lemons, we must make lemonade!

It’s important for every business to wring as much publicity out of every advertising dollar as possible. Can you image a better, more efficient way to do that than by having every one of your customers be your business’ personal moving billboard? Customizing a gift or shopping bag with your companies name and/or logo is as inexpensive as .10 cents/bag. So instead of giving away a gift bag, with a cost of .25 cents to every customer…spend .35 cents and advertise your store to the world! I would even take this a step further and say spend a little more and buy a higher end bag, so customers would be encouraged to re-use the bag in the future (re-use means more advertising).

And custom packaging is very easy to purchase. If you already have artwork for your store, most packaging supply companies can use that (as long as it’s vector art) or they can create the artwork for a minimal charge. Once the artwork sample is approved, a plate will be made based on the size of the bag or box you’re purchasing at a cost of $50-$100 (a one-time charge…by the way Premier Packaging has been known to waive this fee). If you are purchasing different size bags, you may need more than one plate.

Once the plates are done, the printing can begin, and within days your moving billboards will be on the streets of your town!