Weekly Round Up – Pinspiration Edition

When you spend your days in the trenches keeping your business moving forward, it can be tiring. So we thought you could use a little inspiration break. So silence your cell phone, grab a cup of coffee and get ready to be inspired. Below you’ll find a few great retail related Pinterest boards for your perusing pleasure.

Bow Making

Ever wanted to be able to tie those beautiful bows that adorn all the perfect packaging in the catalogs? Here’s a mega collection of tutorials on making beautiful bows. They do extend beyond decorative gift bows a bit, but all of them are 100% adorable.

Retro Retail

Remember the good old days of retail? Maybe not but it’s still fun to take a trip down memory lane, with this collection of vintage store photos, ads and window displays.

Astonishing Window Displays

It’s the window displays that catch customer’s attention and convinces them to come inside to shop. This collection of window displays from around the world will take your breath away… And get you motivated to give your window displays a fresh new look.

Retail at It’s Best

From bakeries to gift shops and everything in between, this collection features retail stores that take their interior design to the next level.

Workspace Ideas // Studio Décor

As a creative professional you need a workspace that inspires you to keep creating. Take a look at these brilliant ideas. Fair warning you might experience feelings of intense jealousy when you see some of the designs.

Craft Show Display

If you’re planning to get out of the shop a bit this summer and sell at a show, be sure to look at these wonderful displays. Even if you’re planning on any shows you may want to sign up for one or two just so you can try out some of these ideas.