Tis the Season for a Jolly Window Display

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They don’t say “tis the season” for nothing! Christmas is the most popular holiday and you should use this to your advantage! People are in the holiday spirit and everyone’s thinking about buying presents. You obviously want them to step into your store, but how do you get them to choose yours from all the others? Easy, by making an amazing Christmas window display! Since people are already in Christmas mode, it doesn’t take much to win their interest with a good display. Now the question is how to make a good window display for Christmas?

I’ll give you several ideas and examples to work off of, but remember, make it your own! Add some personal style to it to make it your display.

Creating a winter wonderland is usually a safe bet to go with. Everyone loves the beautiful scene of the first snowfall. In order to have a great winter wonderland, obviously you need snow. Fake snow can be created in many different ways:

    • Cotton balls

    • White fabric

    • Polyfoam

    • Wool

    • White plastic bags

    • Spray-on snow

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When making your wonderland, it would be a good idea to add some sparkle to your scene. This will make the snow look as though it is glistening. You can add glitter, but if you don’t want the mess of cleaning it up, you can add glittery décor instead, like shimmery ribbon or sparkle tulle.

Some people like the elf workshop idea as a window display; this is a cute idea and it can also tie into your store’s theme. You can take your products and display it as though the elves are creating your products in their workshop. This is an excellent idea for a shoe store! This also works for a hardware store; you could put your hammers and screwdrivers in the hands of the elves.

Another possible theme you can do is the typical one of Santa handing out presents. You can have a large Santa giving a present to a child and the present is open, showing that it’s one of your products. You can also just make one massive present and fill it to the brim with a bunch of your products.

Since it’s not always easy or affordable to purchase a large Santa or a bunch of elves, another option is painting a Christmas theme on

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your window. Let your imagination go wild, you can paint whatever you want, so make it unique! Check out some window painting tips here if this is your first time painting a window display.

If your products are small enough, you can place them inside clear ornaments and hang them from the ceiling. If you really want to be daring and different, you can create your own massive, sturdy ornaments and place larger products in them as well.

If you have mannequins, you have plenty of options. You can dress one as Santa or an elf, or you can put a red velvet cloak or dress on a mannequin, or you can easily just dress it in festive colors.

There are several different kinds of Christmas décor you can use in order to add some pizzazz to your window display:

    • A string of Christmas lights – you can use these in many ways. You can hang them traditionally from the ceiling, or you can make them into a backdrop by hanging them vertically near the back wall. If you really want to be different, you can form a pretty design out of the lights on your back wall. You can do this by swirling and twirling the lights in either a random pattern or in a specific design and fastening them with clear tape as you go. You can even use them to write, “Happy Holidays”. Use your imagination!

    • Christmas bells – you can hang these individually at different lengths or you can use them as a backdrop as well.

    • Candles – you can use unlit regular candles or you can use electric candles to “light up” your display.

    • Holly, poinsettias, and mistletoes – you can disperse these items among your display to add that extra Christmas feeling.

    • Snowflakes – to make the decorating process more fun, make your own paper snowflakes! You can make any kind of design you want and either hang them from the ceiling or tape them to the walls or window. If you’re really talented when it comes to making snowflakes, you can cut out a big “Happy Holidays” sign out of snowflakes! You can also cut out your store’s name to incorporate your store with the winter theme.

photo credit: zimbio.com

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