Whether you are a distributor or a retail merchant, you are constantly receiving product that you have ordered. In our customer service department we receive calls daily where our customers call in to tell us they didn’t receive a product or they got the wrong item in their order.
If you call right away, in most instances the warehouse can resolve the problem quickly and make the necessary corrections. But, if you don’t check your order for a day or a week or even a month after delivery, there may be more hassle then you anticipated happening!! Here are some tips to help and why it is important to check your orders as soon as possible after delivery:

• Be sure to accurately count the numbers of boxes before you sign for them. So many times a clerk will receive the delivery without even counting and then customer service gets a call about a missing item(s).

• Check off the items on the packing slips as you receive them so that all items are accounted for. If there are any unchecked items when you are done unpacking, call the vendor as soon as possible to avoid any delays.

• If you are replenishing your stock and still have some left, it is a good idea to rotate the old stock to the front so it is used first. Putting the “received date” on the new products will help keep the stock moving.

• Instruct your staff on the rules of receiving stock including all of the above suggestions and communicating any problems as well. Who knows they may come up with a better solution on receiving and storing your new products!