Think Outside The Gift Box

Gift Box With Pink RibbonJ.G. Gallimore once said, “Image creates desire. You will what you imagine.” His words ring true for gift packaging, people normally assume that a creatively wrapped, or visually appealing package contains an equally cool and chic present. That’s why swirling ribbons tied around expertly wrapped gift boxes, along with custom labels are in vogue at independent retail shops.

However, while more shops offering gift packaging is great for customers, it also makes it tough for your packaging to stand out against competitors. You can place a safe bet with red, and green gift-wrap for Christmas, going with traditional colors for other holidays, or take risks, and think outside the gift box. You might be surprised that a dash of creative panache goes a long way in making a memorable impression, and tipping the balance in people choosing to shop at your store repeatedly.

How To Stand Out With Packaging

    • Make packaging a reflection of your personal style.

      As a small business owner, you put a lot of effort into making your shop a unique destination. Your personality is wrapped up in your company, so your packaging should reflect that involvement. If you love retro patterns, and it matches your store décor, then choose something like deco flowers gift-wrap, which has a modernized, 1960’s flower motif.

    • Match your packaging with a theme.

      If you run a shop specializing in gifts for pampered pets, choose a wrapping paper with animal print themes. Perhaps you’ve decided to run a limited time special on gifts for expecting mothers, that’s the perfect occasion for baby gift-wrap.

    • Explore unexpected colors and patterns in packaging.

      There’s no written rule that says you have to use red and green packaging on Christmas. Instead use something out of the norm like a lavender hued spiral rosettes or bubbly bruno gift-wrap.

    • Express your values with packaging.

      Show that you’re against the culture of disposability. Opt for recyclable bags, or better yet, boxes made from recycled content. Your customers want to know what you’re doing to save the environment. Promote the fact that your packaging is made using sustainable practices.

      When you break from tradition it’s that much easier to create packaging that gets noticed. What have you done with your packaging lately that shows you’re taking risks?

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