The True Value of Free Shipping

Times have changed. It used to be consumers would purchase their “life changing” products from an infomercial and wouldn’t bat an eye at paying the $12.99 shipping and handling fees. But now with the shift towards eCommerce giants such as Amazon and eBay, free shipping has not only become commonplace it’s now viewed by many consumers as a right. Consumers now view shipping costs as more of a product cost rather than variable expense and they expect businesses to pick up the tab. Now when a consumer sees a shipping fee associated with their order they feel they are being taken advantage of or shorted by the seller. Because of this new trend, businesses have begun to understand that charging shipping fees have a much larger affect than merely the associated cost. Many consumers will abandon an order when they see shipping fees purely because of the negative perception associated with it.  According to Wharton Marketing professor David Bell; Approximately 60% of online retailers cite “free shipping with conditions” as their most successful marketing tool.

That’s why here at Premier we have said goodbye to all standard ground shipping fees in the continental U.S. with NO MINIMUMS on all web orders. Unlike our competitors who will shout free shipping and only when you read the fine print you realize that it’s only on orders above $150 (or even $300) or up to the first $50 of shipping expense. We don’t play these games, when we say free shipping we mean it!