The Things I Love About Retail Packaging

I must admit that I cringed at the title of this blog once I typed it, after all I am a macho male and what do I know about frilly ribbons and bows? Retail packaging has come a long way in the last 10 years. It used to be plain kraft bags and boxes and single color ribbons. As a retail packaging company, life was very comfortable back then with a handful of simple products (but not very much fun).

These days we still carry the plain kraft bags and boxes but with a few twists; they now come in many different colors. Here are just a few examples, you can always find more here:


You‘d prefer boxes, you say;


Again if you’d like to see many more examples, take a look at our gift boxes category

Still a little boring you say? Ok, here comes the fun stuff!

Nested Boxes:

You ain’t seen nothing yet.
Basket Boxes:

Then the really crazy stuff.

Intricut Boxes

So as I said at the beginning, even a macho guy like me can have some fun with retail packaging!! To have even more fun, go to our website.