The Role Packaging Plays in Building Your Brand

Custom Printed Packaging is Important for Branding

There is a good deal of “talk” occurring on line these days about branding. While it may seem like another bit of the latest jargon, it’s more then that. Branding is important even for the smallest of businesses.

When talking about branding the key word is consistency, from human interactions to products every detail right down to the packaging needs to present a consistent message. Your business, and therefore your brand, reveals what is important to your organization-- whether you have considered it or not.

3 Ways Your Packaging Will Help You Rebrand Your Business

Cause Marketing and Branding
As you go through the process of creating your brand, you’ll be spending a lot of time deciding what your core values are… the highest quality products? Best prices? Or perhaps you support a cause, protect the environment? Support health initiatives? Giving attention to your packaging will not only reinforce your values but it will also make sure you don’t accidentally commit any faux pas.

1.   Building an environmentally conscious brand: Many people are keenly aware of the impact doing business has on the environment. Considering the full life cycle of your packaging from how it’s made to how it’s disposed of is important not only to your brand but to actually making a difference.

These can include three elements:
a. Materials that are biodegradable
b. Materials that contain recycled materials
c. Materials that are recyclable

2.   Promoting a cause: Using packaging colors and themes can identify your organization with specific causes, which can further your rebranding campaign and expand the image and value of your business. There is no better way to promote loyalty than for a company to be viewed as involved and caring about people in the larger and immediate community.

For example:

a. Buying pink packaging materials can be the source of donations to Breast Cancer Care and Research
b. The puzzle- piece ribbon design can become the source of donations for Autism research
c. Red ribbon and red packaging materials can be used to raise funds for HIV/AIDS research

3.   Building a brand on other values: If you’re not associating your brand with well known campaigns (the green movement or “pink” movement) then it becomes important to use customization as a way of standing out. America is saturated with marketing messages and brands, if you make yours generic, it won’t be noticed.

Customers want to know that the businesses they support actually put their money where their mouth is when it comes to branding. These little details are required to make sure that customers can see that your brand values go beyond a catchy slogan and are truly a part of every decision that you make.