Gift wrapping the customer’s purchases has long been a tradition for many gift and jewelry shops as well. While we are seeing a trend towards gift bags and away from gift boxes, there is still an overwhelming demand for tissue paper to either stuff in the bag or fold over the purchased product in a gift box.

Are you interested in another way to brand your company name? Custom printed tissue paper is more popular than ever now, as it not only gets your name advertised and circulated, but it really dresses up the packaging.


We have completed orders for Shoe stored, Wig shops, restaurants, boutiques, and the list goes on. There are other uses as well for the tissue. You can wrap that fine china or glass items that you sell or make tissue flowers to adorn the gift box (See my blog on how to make the flowers coming soon!!)

Custom Tissue can be on white, Kraft or any color tissue and the print color can be matched to your logo with most PMS colors. You provide the art work (in an AI or EPS file preferably), and if you need help with that, don’t worry we have a graphics department that works wonders! Once the art is approved, we order the tissue and in 4 to 5 weeks you will be packaging the most beautiful gifts for your customers.

If you would rather you can use a design already created through the Build-Your-Own program. Just pick the color tissue and the color ink to print on the design you want, and your order will be processed for you.

Give us a call if you are interested in spicing up your sales and advertising. You don’t have to put your logo on the tissue. Just do a design that represents your business or your message.

Whatever we do to get our name out there is great, let’s just keep looking for ways that are unique and outstanding!