Simple can be Meaningful: Little Granolas

[caption id="attachment_434" align="aligncenter" width="400" caption="Photo Courtesy of Little Granolas"]Photo Courtesy of Little Granolas[/caption]

The other day I had an encounter with a local business owner that completely delighted me. I thought it was worth a post because it is a great illustration of how the simplest acts of customer service can be incredibly meaningful. So sit back and enjoy the story.

This past week my wife and I went to the Irondequoit farmers market. We were looking for a few plants to add to the garden, when we came across the booth of Little Granolas they sell natural products for babies such as cloth diapers, etc. We have a son who is not quite two, so this type of booth is of particular interest to us. We stopped by and poked around a bit asking a few questions about products we didn’t recognize, and bought a few things we couldn’t live without. On the way out I noticed that she carried the diaper sprayer that we use. For those of you unfamiliar with diaper sprayers they are small attachments that hook on your toilet and allow you to hose down cloth diapers before you throw them in the wash. We had lost one of the screws on ours that attaches the sprayer holder to the toilet, this screw has to be of a particular length if its too short it won’t stay attached and if its too long it interferes with the attachment altogether. As ridiculous as it may sound I have been looking for a screw of the perfect length for months so I could finally repair our holder. I asked in passing if she carried replacement parts or knew if they were even available. She didn’t know but asked if I had tried contacting the manufacturer. Oddly enough I had scoured every hardware store in county but it had never occurred to me to ask the manufacturer. When I responded that I hadn’t she said I have your contact information I’ll give my rep a call and see if I can track one down for you.

That’s it. She made one very happy customer by offering to make a simple call. It will probably take her less then 5 minutes to get that information for me. But it solved a problem I have had for a few months. Amazing.

The moral of the story is going the extra mile to make customers happy is not always a huge undertaking sometimes the proverbial mile is only a few inches. Spending a minute or two listening and a few minutes to see if you can offer a solution is a surefire way to make customers happy.

If you have suggestions for easy ways to delight your customers I love to hear about them.