Retail News You Might Have Missed This Week

The Internet is full of fantastic information (and some ridiculous information). Here's a quick roundup of some of our favorite links this week.


You no longer have an excuse for poor product photography....

When it comes to marketing, it's been said a picture is worth a 1,000 words, that holds true in a big way when it comes to product images too. If you think great images are out of reach because you don't have expensive photography equipment, think again, "Here's why a pro photographer shoots on an iPhone".

3 Things You Need to Know About the Upcoming EMV Deadline TODAY

If you're wondering what EMV stands for and what it has to do with retail, you should read this article much sooner then later.

Have great friends you want to be bridesmaids but not sure they can handle the responsibility? No problem you can call in the Pros.

Being a bridesmaid is a lot bigger responsibility then just showing up and wearing a dress. Now to can hire a professional to help with speech writing, shower planning, dress shopping and more. Wedding planners, this might be the next big service offering.

The Many Factors to Consider When Deciding the Best Packaging for Your Food Product

Packaging has just as much impact on your brand as sales as any other aspect of your business. Here's a solid guide on how to pick out packaging that will give you the biggest bang for your buck.

SAVE THE DATE! National Packaging Design Day - May 7th

We might be a little biased given that we love packaging and all, but were excited that packaging design is finally getting it's own day!


U.S. Consumers Warming To Digital Grocery Shopping

The US adoption rate of consumers ordering groceries online has been lagging behind the rest of the world. But now it looks like we're catching up. If you're in the food business this is a trend you should keep an eye on.