Packaging Cookies and Other Gourmet Gifts


Gifts aren’t just for the big holidays or life events. There are many times when an every day gift is the perfect way to lift someone’s spirits or enhance a friendship. Often these every day gifts (or “just because” gifts as I call them) take the form of a gourmet treat. Why? Because, many of our memories revolve around food. Is there a favorite coffee shop you always meet your friend at? Does that bakery make pastries just the way your mom did? Does your local chocolatier remind you of that vacation in Belgium? Food is much more than just calories; it’s an emotionally driven experience.

So how should you package your gourmet gifts? The most common packaging people picture is a gift basket, but we’re not talking big extravagant gifts, just a small token of friendship (gift baskets are a subject for a whole different post). For this you’ll want something smaller such as a box, or cello bag. When choosing which packaging to use, you’ll need to think about the meaning behind the gift, and how the gift will be delivered.

Gifts for Reminiscing
Often a food related gift is associated with a specific place or event. In that case, the choice of packaging is usually easy. Assuming the bakery or shop you purchased the gift from uses signature packaging, you’ll want to deliver the gift exactly how it was originally packed. Bakeries, coffee shops and other purveyors of food based gifts should take note, your packaging is possibly as important as the food itself. When I go to the public market here in Rochester, I often stop by our family’s favorite bakery and bring home some doughnuts for the kids. They can see the clear bag with green print on it a mile away and can practically taste their favorite treat even before I get it in the house. So if you are a seller of gourmet gifts or even a restaurant, be sure to customize your packaging by hot stamping it or with a custom label.


Homemade Gifts
Handmade gourmet gifts like cookies are sure to delight anyone. They make perfect care packages to help college students study too! This is where the delivery method might be a determining factor. Cello bags are great for cookies if they are going to be hand delivered. They offer a clear view of the treats inside and come in a wide range of patterns so the packaging can be tailored to the tastes of the recipient or the theme of the gift. However, if you plan to ship your cookies you might want to package them in a food safe box (that will go inside the shipping box) to offer a layer of protection that cello bags just don’t have.

If you’re looking for inspiration on your next homemade gift here’s a whole bunch of cookie recipes to try out.

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There are many creative ways to package up cookies or other gourmet gifts, just be sure check and see that the packaging you choose is food grade, whether it’s a gift box, cello or tissue paper, not all packaging is created equal when it comes to wrapping up food based gifts.