Mastering Social Media: The Guide to Boosting Ecommerce Profits for Indie Retailers


It is with great excitement that we present our  eBook Mastering
 Social Media: The Guide to Boosting Ecommerce Profits for Indie
 Retailers to you. This is our very first eBook, so we've taken
care to make it all-inclusive and accessible to digital natives and
digital newcomers alike.

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Independent retailers are busy individuals, so our chapters are broken
into 15 short but digestible subjects. In them, we explain how to use
tools like Google Trends or traffic analytics to improve scalability,
how to create social content calendars, how to outsource portions of
your work to hobbyists, and more. Essentially, all of your social
media bases are covered as well as the infield, outfield, and
concession stand.

Some of the social networks we talk about in the eBook are major
networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+, but we also felt it was
important to include the peripheral networks like Instagram, Youtube,
Reddit, and Pinterest.

It is our aim to give indie retailers a strong social advantage in a
time when social media for business is a necessity, no longer an
accessory. This is why we're offering it to you for free.

As in totally free?

Yes, it's yours for the downloading. Find some gems for your
 business's social campaigns and download it today!