Making a Difference – LEARN, PRACTICE and PROMOTE

                Regardless of age, gender, ethnicity or political affiliation; there is one thing on the minds of people all over the globe - the talk of climate change. What was once thought to be an inconceivable concept is now becoming a harsh reality. Our actions are leaving a lasting impression that not only we are effected by, but that our children and generations to come will inherit. Although the severity of the matter at hand is debatable, there is no doubt that everyone can attest to being affected by it in one way or another. Every day, we see something that relates to climate change whether it’s California’s record-setting 4-year drought currently underway, bizarre storms sweeping the east coast (think back to Buffalo, NY this past November), pollution and green movements, or local governments banning the use of plastic bags across the country. There is no shortage of negativity that can make you feel like you’re more of a part of the problem rather than a part of the solution.

                The reality of the situation is not whether or not climate change is occurring, but what steps you can take within your means to better the situation. There is no simple solution to the problem and at this time, we can’t sell you a vehicle that runs on vegetable oil. However we can help you find products for your company that will give you peace of mind to know that you are trying to address the problem within your means. It takes just one person to start the chain of events and efforts don’t go unnoticed. We here at Premier Packaging pride ourselves on trying to carry products that are made from recycled materials and manufactured in an environmentally responsible way and it brings us much pride to be able to offer these products to our customers.

                What kind of products can you replace with recycled materials?

    • Nested and Rigid boxes made from 75% recycled paper or paperboard.

    • Market Trays and intricuts are made from 75% recycled paper

    • Basket Boxes made from 50% recycled paper (basket benches – 95%)

    • Newsprint, Leopard print, Pinstripe, Colors on Kraft, Metallic Colors on Kraft, Colors on White, High Gloss Colored, Natural Kraft, White, Gingham, SOS and Merchandise bags are all made from recycled materials.

    • Printed frosted, Frosted Wave, Ameritote Economy Frosted, Frosted Merchandise, Plastic Merchandise, Designer Poly, T-shirt, Super Gloss, and Ultra Gloss bags are all made from recycled materials.

    • ALL tissue paper is made from recycled materials.

    • ECONOMY tissue is made from 100% post-consumer content.

    • Candy and Candle boxes are made from recycled materials.

    • 2-piece, Pop-up, Apparel, Gloss, Silver, Matte, Kraft Pinstripe, Natural Kraft, and White Gloss gift boxes are all made entirely from 100% recycled materials.

    • Pop-up Gift Card boxes are made from recycled cardboard.

    • Kraft variety jewelry boxes are made from recycled materials.

Another great purpose of several of our products is to be reused. Rather than create waste in a landfill, why not offer your customers something they can take when they go out shopping? We offer the following products whose sole purpose is to be reused :

    • Non-Woven Tote

    • Non-Woven Wine Bag

    • Metallic Fabric Wine Bag

    • Non-Woven Mini Tote

    • Animal Print Mini Tote

    • Square Canvas Tote

    • Vintage Floral Print Bag

    • Vintage Floral Print Bags

    • Polka-Dot, Metallic Star, Basket, and Hard Bottom Organza Bags

    • Satin and Reversible Satin Pouches

    • Velour Pouches

    • Zebra Print and Paw Print Sheer Bags

    • Animal Print Cotton Pouches

    • Animal Print Flannel Bags

    • Natural Weave Burlap

The one thing that people from all backgrounds share in common is that this planet is no more my planet then it is yours. How we treat the planet now will determine the necessary actions our loved ones and future generations will be forced to take. No step is too small and no solution can be considered a bad solution because it’s better then what we have in place at this time. I encourage you to talk to your peers and encourage them to consider reducing their carbon footprint and we will all be able to reap the benefits and continue to enjoy our planet for many, many moons.