Learning From our Customers

Custom Printed Gift Bag - The BookwormThis is a new feature here where we are going to show off some of the great things our customers are doing with custom printing. We believe we have the best customers around and like to use any excuse we can to brag about them, and we hope this will give you some ideas about what custom printing can do for your business.

The Bookworm

The story of The Bookworm of Edwards is so enchanting that you’d think it was a chapter from one of the fiction novels on their shelves. From humble beginnings as a traveling bookstore, the bookworm began in the back of a van traveling from coffee shop to coffee shop; selling new books to the locals.

At that time Edwards Colorado was just a blip on the map, boasting a post office and “The Gas House” as their entire business community. Over the next several years the town began to grow and so did The Bookworm. It went from a van to a full-fledged store, then quickly expanded into a Café and Bookstore, and continues to grow.

Welcome to The BookwormThe Bookworm is a perfect example of a company that not only grows with the community but also helps build the community; they host over 50 scheduled events a year at the bookstore and hundreds of other informal gatherings. If you’re ever in Edwards Colorado and want to know where the locals go, the first place you should check is The Bookworm.

You can also find them online through their website, Facebook, and YouTube.