Kraft Paper… Not Just for Boring Brown Bags Anymore

Kraft paper bags, of grocery bag fame, are the tried and true go to paper option for retailers everywhere. You see them in merchandise bag form used for books, or tin tie for sweets & coffee beans. They are the standard for brown bag lunches and of course, despite the popularity of reusable totes, they are the paper in the omnipresent “Paper or Plastic?” question posed by grocery baggers everywhere.

Because of their plain unassuming appearance kraft paper bags are often overlooked or viewed as a dusty boring remnant of retail’s past. Lately however, we’re seeing Kraft paper pop up everywhere, from home décor to weddings, and we say it’s about time this legendary retail packaging gets its moment to shine once again.

Here are five fantastic ways kraft paper is being used that are certain to have you looking at those brown paper bags with a new found creative zeal!


DIY Giant Kraft Paper Flowers:

Brown might be the last color you think of when it comes to flowers, but these large blooms of kraft paper are beautiful and make the perfect accent decoration for baby showers or spring parties.

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Kraft Paper Table Runner:

Speaking of parties, all it takes is a sharpie, some kraft paper and a creative flair for typography to make this custom table runner sure to dazzle your guests.

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Easy Napkin Rings:

Why stop at the table runner, you have plenty of brown paper bags around the house. These easy napkin rings add that extra touch to any place setting. Best of all, this author includes the fonts she used in the tutorial so you don’t even have to be that creative to make these.



Wrapping Gifts with Kraft Paper:

Just add some small and simple embellishments such as lace, decorative ribbon or bows to plain kraft paper for an exquisitely wrapped gift. Not convinced? Check out these amazing examples, they’ll make you look for excuses to give gifts just so you can wrap them in kraft paper.

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Brown Paper Bags at Weddings:

Yes you read this right… Brown paper bags are showing up in all kinds of ways at weddings. In fact there are so many ideas here we couldn’t fit them all in one blog post, instead take a look at this Pinterest board solely dedicated to brown paper bag wedding ideas.

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