Importance of tracking your website data

Whether you are starting your first eCommerce website or you have been on the internet since Amazon only sold books, just putting your products online and hoping for the best is not enough. Even if sales are going well you may be missing out on easy tweaks that could greatly increase your business. In order to stay on top of the ball it is necessary to regularly track your data so you can identify both positive and negative trends that affect your bottom line. For those of us who are not major computer whizzes the good news is Google has a user friendly program that can do all of this for you, and its free! With Google Analytics you can track who visits your website, where they came from and how much they spent. You can also create custom variables that will track custom metrics. One such metric is conversion rates. A conversion rate is any action that you determine to be a “conversion” divided by the number of visitors. For most eCommerce websites a conversion would be defined as a sale. Tracking conversion rates is key to knowing how your website is performing.

On Google Analytics you can also create custom reports to show visitors by demographics, mobile traffic, landing page and much more. Sounds great but not sure how to get started? See this blog from Kissmetrics which lists “50 resources for getting the most out of Google Analytics”.

You can also visit Google Analytics website which has a page to help you get started.