Importance of customer feedback

In business one of the most important barometers for how your company is performing can be determined by answering a simple question; “Are my customers happy?” However, many businesses do not take the time to actively solicit feedback from their customers. Most customers will not go out of their way to reach out to the business and tell you where you did a good job and where you can improve. There are several ways you can reach out to your customers without being overly intrusive or putting them off. One of the most effective ways is to send post order emails to your customer and get solicit feedback while their experience is still fresh in their minds. You can also offer incentives for customers to fill out the questionnaires, such as coupon codes or gift cards. One of the best questions to ask customers is the “Net promoter score” question. This question was established in 2003 by Bain & Company to help companies measure and evaluate customer loyalty. The question is, “On a score of 1 to 10 how likely would you recommend company X to a friend or colleague?” This question is simple to answer and really gets down to the bottom of how you are performing in the eyes of the customer. See for a great article on the Net Promoter Score. You can also ask more pointed questions such as “What other products would you like to see us offer?” and “What do you think of our new shipping policy?” However you enact the customer feedback, the most important thing is that you keep a finger on the pulse of your customer and never lose sight of their feelings and priorities.