How to Store Paper Bags and Other Packaging

In your shop, space is at a premium. As a result, the question of where and how to store your packaging is always a top issue. The simple answer of course is that it depends on your setup. That answer however, is obviously not helpful so we're going to go over a few common scenarios.

The most common solution is to store bags right near the cash register. Most paper or plastic bags pack flat making it easy to store them in a cubby right under the counter. This makes it very easy to quickly package up your customer's order and send them on their way. Some plastic bags, such as the common t-shirt bags, have specific holders which makes them even easier to pack up. Having your bags stored in such a high use space also has the added benefit of making it easy to see when stock is running low and you need to reorder.

Other stores have an added layer of complexity to the setup, because they offer gift wrapping as a service. If you have the space, it often works best to have a separate wrapping area which allows for a production line style process when things get busy. To keep the wrapping process flowing, you'll need a few tools to keep things organized and easily accessible.
gift-wrap-organizer For storing wrapping paper, you'll want to use a roll dispenser/cutter. This lets you store multiple patterns (for seasonality or for customer preference) and in one motion you can pull out the length of gift wrap you need and cut it at the same time.

A ribbon tree lets you hold many colors of decorative ribbon and keep all those loose ends accessible so you don't have to take a long time unrolling the ribbon before you can tie those beautiful bows. ribbon-tree

You'll want to make sure every item is laid out in the order you're going to use them. Making sure your packaging looks fantastic and is delivered in a timely manner is a key part of providing a great customer experience. With these quick storage tips for your packaging, you'll be well on your way.