How to Spook Up Your Window Display to Increase Halloween Sales

Why are window displays so important?

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A window display is equivalent to a billboard. It catches peoples’ attention and lures them into your store. In other words, it’s like free advertising! Since window displays are so vital for your business, you need to make sure to do it right. You can’t just stick a product in your window and call it a day; there’s a science to it and I’m going to help you master it with a few tips…

Eye level: You need to imagine how your display will look to people walking or driving by. You want it to be at their eye level. It’s very important to remember this because a lot of stores have steps in front, so eye level from inside the store is not always the same as eye level from outside.

Less is more: Don’t clutter your window with every item you have that fits your specific theme. Just choose a selected few, and add some light decoration around those items. When you only have a few items in your display, it’s telling customers that you don’t need to show off every single item you have to prove that your store has value. Showing fewer products gives the impression that you only sell products of high quality.

Be original: Remember your window display is the billboard for your business. You want to grab peoples’ attention, so be original! Don’t worry; you don’t need to be crafty and artistic in order to be original. All you need to be is unique; this can easily be done by displaying bold colors and shapes. You know you have an eye-catching window display when you have people outside snapping pictures of it!

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Keep it up to date: The more you change your display, the more attention you’ll get. The more attention you get, the more foot traffic you’ll get. The best would be to update your display every two weeks, but if this is too difficult, changing it every one to two

months is great as well.

Use proper lighting: You have a beautiful window display, don’t let poor lighting ruin it! Avoid using light directly above an object because it creates a strong shadow. Position the lights so they focus on the focal point of your display. Investing in a few spotlights is a great idea. You can also use your spotlights to help grab your customers’ attention by keeping them on after hours. This will definitely help your display stick out amongst the rest, causing people to stop and look while taking a night stroll.


Now that we have the general idea of what goes into a good window display, let’s focus on how to make an awesome Halloween display!

Halloween is a great time to make an outstanding window display; here are a few ideas to get your mine jogging.

    • If you want something easy and affordable, here’s an idea to base your display on (please feel free to switch it up and add your own flair to it!)You can drape a white sheet as your backdrop, cut out a crescent moon from either cardboard or poster board and paint it black. You can easily construct a ghost by crumpling up newspaper into a medium-sized ball and draping a white sheet over it. You can make it appear like it’s flying by taking the corners of your ghost and attaching it to the wall or ceiling with fishing line. Now just place a huge pumpkin or a bunch of little pumpkins in your display, and you’re done! This is a good display because it has a lot of contrast between colors which grabs peoples’ attention.

    • You can take typical Halloween décor and make it stick out by supersizing it. For example, make a massive candy corn as the focal point of your display. This can be done by cutting the form out of cardboard or poster board and decorating it. You can make this a one-of-a-kind candy corn just by how you decorate it. You can use so many different types of material; for example, gift wrap and ribbon.

    • If want to take a step up from placing plain pumpkins in your display, carve your pumpkins with cute designs! You can even carve, “Halloween Sale” if you’re having one. If this is too much of a task, you can purchase inexpensive faux jack-o-lanterns that look extremely real.

    • Work with the theme of your retail store; for example, if you sell bridal gowns, construct a Frankenstein bride! This way people

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      connect your amazing window display to your store and the products you sell. A display like this will be very memorable; it will probably be remembered all year long!

    • If you have mannequins, this would be a good time to put them to good use. You can make a cute window display by only spending a few dollars! Just go to a dollar store, buy some masks and trick-or-treat bags and you’re done! You can take this display to the next level by putting more elaborate masks on your mannequins and filling the bags with candy or with the products you sell! This is a good way to tailor your display specifically to your store; for example if you sell clothing, pack the trick-or-treat bags with clothes, having them overflow to give a dramatic effect.  You can also give a fairy look to your masks by adding tulle.

    • If you have a hardware or home goods store, this is a good idea for your window display. Take all the different kind of brooms you have in your store and hang them horizontally from the ceiling and make a sign saying, “Witch broom would you like?” Obviously you can play around with this idea to really make it your own.

    • A great Halloween decoration is the creepy cobweb look. Instead of buying the specific material from party stores, cut back on expenses and use cotton balls! All you have to do is stretch the cotton balls from all directions and you got yourself some homemade fake cobwebs!

    • An easy way to make a mummy is to wrap torn gauze or muslin around an object, whether it’s a mannequin or another item.


If you want to find out more about Halloween window displays, and window displays in general, check out the resources used to help create this article:

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