How to Make a Tissue Flower Bow

Making a tissue flower bow is a fast and easy way to dress up a gift bag, string up to decorate a room, or decorate your favorite gift box.

You will need:
One or more colors of 20x30” Tissue paper
Floral Wire

Let’s get started!
Step 1: Layer the colors of tissue and fold in half (20x15) and cut along the fold, fold in half again (10x15”) and cut along the folds, and then one more fold and one more cut so the size is now 10x7 ½. Make sure that all folds are cut.



Step 2: Fold the tissue in 1 ½ inch accordion strips until completely folded


Step 3: Cut a piece of Floral wire about 18 inches in length. Gather the folded tissue in the middle and squeeze to make it look like bow tie then wrap the wire around the middle and twist until tightly secured. The left over wire can be cut later or used as a stem.


Step 4: Starting on one side, separate the layers of tissue using care not to rip or tear the tissue. Open the tissue layers carefully and spread out.


Keep going until you have separated all the layers and you have a flower!!


You can even make a bouquet of flowers!