How To Load Barbs & Needles On A Tagging Gun

A few customers have been asking how to operate our Tagging Gun. The following tutorial should help you learn the basics.

How To Load Tagging Gun Barbs

Tagging Gun With Safety Cover Attached

Step 1: Remove Needle Cover

Simply pull off the protective needle cover. Be sure to re-attach the cap when finished so you don't get poked in the future.

Loading Tagging Gun Barbs

Step 2: Loading Barbs

Press the release button and load the barbs. In the picture this is accomplished by pushing the barbs gently into the slot on top of the Tagging gun.

Loading Tagging Gun Barbs

Step 3: Removing Barbs When Finished

To remove barbs from a loaded tag gun, press the release button shown in the picture, and pull the barbs up, and out of the gun.

Loading & Replacing Tagging Gun Needles

Tagging Gun With Safety Cover Attached

Step 1: Find Needle Release Lever

When the needle release lever is pointing backwards, towards the gun stock and handle, it's in a locked position.

Removing Tagging Gun Needle

Step 2: Unlocking & Removing The Needle

To remove and replace the needle, turn the release lever forward so that it's pointing away from the gun stock and handle. The gun is now unlocked, you can pull the needle straight out.

Step 3: Adding A New Needle

Tacking Gun Needle

Insert the new needle with it's "notch" facing up. Push the needle straight into the gun, until the end of the notch barrel is flush against the plastic.

Tagging Gun In Locked Position With Replaced Needle

Step 4: Lock The Needle

Once the needle notch barrel is flush with the plastic gun casing, turn the needle release lever back to its locked position.

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Let us know if you found this tutorial helpful. If you want us to provide additional tutorials, leave a comment or email your suggestion to Josh at jkashorek(at)