How to Gobble Up Thanksgiving Foot Traffic with Your Window Display

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It seems like Thanksgiving is the hardest holiday to create a good window display for. There are just so many choices for Halloween and Christmas but not as much for Thanksgiving. It’s awkwardly in between these two big holidays and you know you need to switch up your display but you don’t know exactly how… I mean you can’t just throw a turkey in there so what do you do?

This is when you need to open your mind and be a bit creative. Just stop and think about Thanksgiving. What comes to mind (besides turkey)?  Usually people think of the fall weather with the changing of the leaves and cool, fresh air. Use this to help create your window display.

You have to keep in mind that props are not always needed in displays. You can just work the color theme of fall into your window display and that can make all the difference. The usual colors of fall consist of golden yellow, burnt orange, auburn, and maybe a little bit of brown. You can incorporate these colors into your display in many ways. You can make it into a backdrop somehow; for example you can decorate with fall colored ribbon or tulle, but the world is your oyster, use your imagination. Or you can take products you sell that match the fall colors and display them. If you sell clothing, perhaps dress your mannequins in fall colors. Obviously the clothing should be appropriate for the season, don’t go overboard and display a t-shirt and shorts because those are the only fall colored clothes you have.

If you want to stick to props, you have plenty to choose from. For one, you can use gourds; gourds can be used in so many ways! You can hang them and use them as your backdrop, you can lay them on the floor (I only suggest this if they are quite large so they are noticeable), or you can put them in the hands of your mannequins, if you have.

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The same can be done with leaves, a popular choice of décor. You can fill the floor with fake leaves or you can hang them individually from the ceiling by a string so it looks like they’re falling. If you want to use leaves as a backdrop you can tie a bunch of leaves to a string, make several strings and hang them by the back wall.

Another popular symbol of Thanksgiving is a cornucopia. This can be used to dress up your window display as well. If you have a large enough one, you can fill it; perhaps overfill it to add a dramatic effect, with the products you sell. This combines the season and holiday with your store.

An inexpensive and easy to find prop is a basket. Baskets can be purchased from your local dollar store and they definitely give off that fall sort of look. You can fill one or several baskets with leaves or gourds or the products you sell. You can also fill the baskets with a little bit of everything to keep things interesting.

The main idea is to stay open-minded and creative; consumers like the different and unique look, so use this to your advantage!

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