How to Gift Wrap Anything Like a Pro

Those gifts in the catalog or online all look so beautiful, with their perfect bows, and stylish gift patterns. So you buy the same gift wrap, and the perfect matching ribbon. But somehow your gift still looks on the frumpy side when you’re all done. Believe it or not , there is just one simple secret you need to know to make sure your wrapping isn’t all loose and bumpy when you’re done. In the video below our gift wrap pro explains exactly what you need to know.

Once you’ve mastered the basics of wrapping a gift, you might want to take things up a notch. After all, you’re going to want to post these pictures to Pinterest or Instagram so that the whole world can “ooooh and aaaah” over your impressive skills.

Add Texture

Now that you know the secret to the perfect wrapping job is making sure you crease the paper well at each step, you can add in additional folds (or pleats) to add a textured design to your packaging. Pleated gift wrap also makes a perfect space to hold the gift card.

Add Layers

If you want a gift that really pops, wrap your gift box in a bold bright color, then add another layer of wrapping paper in a color that is more muted (such as a basic natural kraft paper). Be sure to make some die-cut shapes in the top layer (or use a paper cutting scalpel). This can give the packaging an additional 3D element, but the real eye catcher here is the bright colors juxtaposed to the mute natural colors.

Embellish with a Theme
Who said you can only use bows to finish off wrapping a gift? A doily, some lace or an ornate button you found at the thrift shop can give your gift a fancy vintage look.

Or you can make the embellishments part of the gift by adding a small toy such as a matchbox car to complete the themed look and give an extra gift (you’ll be the favorite aunt or uncle for sure!)

It’s a long standing cliché that kids like to play with the packaging more then they like the gift itself, but I say, “why should the kids have all the fun”? So go ahead, get creative, play around and have some fun the next time you have to wrap a gift. If you have some favorite gift wrapping ideas please share them in the comments below.