How to Decorate With Tulle


Tulle shows up in decorations for virtually every kind of event or party and for good reason. It is inexpensive, it comes in every color and size imaginable and best of all it looks great out of the box. So you really don’t need to do a lot of work (comparatively) when decorating with tulle. The possibilities are quite literally endless, but here are a few ideas to get you started.

Wedding Decorations
You can of course use tulle to adorn a table skirt or use as streamers to add some class to the lighting in the room. One of the most common uses for tulle when it comes to wedding décor is pew bows or covering up plain chairs at the reception. If you want to get even more creative with this you can check out this mega list of chair wrapping ideas from Pink Lotus Events.

But why stop at table runners and chairs, that’s how most people decorate with tulle. I can tell you are a particularly creative person and seeking to go beyond the obvious. Well how about these shabby chic wedding decorations using tulle and some picture frames to dress up an outdoor wedding?

Does your dream reception venue have some unsightly pictures on the wall or tacky windows? No problem; a little tulle and burlap can make amazing wall or window coverings!

I could go on for days about ways to use tulle at weddings alone (why not string some lights behind tulle for an amazing photo booth backdrop?) but there is so much more to tulle then weddings.

Baby Shower Decorations
Is your friend expecting and you’ve been tasked with pulling together the shower? Don’t sweat it because you can easily blow them away. All you need is some tulle ;-). You could wrap some tulle around balloons and tie it off with some small flowers (yes it’s that easy to make great decorations with tulle). A similar option is to wrap up a paper lantern and tie off both ends for a giant sweet candy lantern.

You can even make decorations that will outlast the shower, by wrapping the baby’s initials in tulle and adding a few embellishments you’ve created a masterpiece that doubles as décor for the nursery as well.

If at this point you’re thinking you have to throw a party in order to decorate with tulle, you’d be wrong. As proof I’ve also included some great every day decorations as well.

Every Day Home Décor
Hopefully if you’ve made it this far in the post, you have a million ideas running through your head and are eager to start creating! Unfortunately, if you’re like me then it also means you’ve probably stopped reading by now and are on to other things (I mean seriously… who can read and think about awesome tulle decorations at the same time). So I’ll keep this section short and sweet, you can come back and review it at your leisure.

You can make decorations for any room in your house, such as wreathes, bed skirts, canopies, and princess forts.

If you get done inside, you’ll probably find your porch or deck might look a little plain so you can use some string lights and a hula hoop to make an amazing outdoor chandelier.

If you want even more ideas, be sure to take a look at our Pinterest board dedicated exclusively to show the many many ways to decorate with tulle.