How to Boost Jewelry Sales in One Simple Step

Whether you have a booth at a craft show or you have a retail store, all jewelers want to know one thing, how do you increase sales? This popular question can be answered in one word, displays. Purchasing a few simple displays will be sure to increase sales, and here’s why.

When you buy jewelry, or anything for that matter, would you rather buy from someone who looks neat and professional or a messy amateur? I believe we all know the answer to that. When jewelry is just lying on a table, it gives off a sloppy look. So much of sales have to do with the presentation of your products. When you add displays, your jewelry is automatically elevated in your consumers’ eyes. Displays give a sense of elegance and organization. You have beautiful jewelry, so display it in a beautiful way!

When buying and organizing your displays, there are a few things you should keep in mind:

    • Don’t just haphazardly choose any size displays for your jewelry. Some thought needs to go into your purchasing. If you have a short necklace you would like to display, make sure to get a short display! The same is true for long necklaces; there’s nothing worse than having a long necklace on a short display and a short necklace on a long display. When this is done, part of the value and elegance is taken away.

    • Choose the colors of your displays carefully. Certain colored jewelry looks better on certain colored displays. For this reason I would invest in different colored displays because you never know what kind of jewelry you might end up selling and it’ s always good to be prepared. It’s popular to put pearls, diamonds and gold on black displays and to use white displays for colored gems in order to accent the color of the jewelry with the contrast of the display. Others also prefer keeping the neutral colored jewelry on beige displays. But don’t just go by what I say, play around and see which ones you prefer; which ones will be more eye-catching. The colors you choose also depend on your personal style and theme. Some people may be catering towards the teenager crowd, so brighter colored displays may be a better idea. It’s important to keep in mind though that if you have different colored displays, you should group them together by color. It look unprofessional having black, white, and beige displays all mixed together.

    • Conserve your space. When purchasing your displays you should have in mind how much space you have. If space is limited, a multi-tiered display is a good idea. Even though you may want to display every piece of jewelry you have, you should make sure not to cram your products. Spread out your jewelry on the displays and don’t overcrowd your table with displays. Remember, you want to give off a neat and professional look, not a discount store kind of look.

    • Pay special attention to your top products. If you have a piece of jewelry that is especially exquisite, show it off. That piece should get a display of its own. It would also be a good idea to place that display in the middle of your table and perhaps have some light shine on it as well. If you want your jewelry to get your customers’ attention, you have to give special attention to it as well.


If you feel like displays are out of your price range, which I doubt because you can find great, affordable displays here, you can use jewelry boxes for displaying your jewelry as well. To cover the extra expense, you can slightly increase your prices; not too much so you don’t lose customers, but even a slight increase will greatly help cover your expenses. The preferred jewelry box would be faux suede but if these are too pricey, kraft boxes will work perfectly fine too. Using jewelry boxes is actually quite convenient because when a customer wants to purchase an item, you just put on the lid and you’re done! Be open-minded about box colors too, there are so many different colored kraft boxes; don’t be shy to shake things up and bring some color to your table.

Here are some other tips to increase your jewelry sales:

    • Price your jewelry with tags or signs; some customers are shy to ask how much an item is and won’t end up buying anything because of it. I personally don’t like asking about the price of jewelry because I feel bad asking the employee at least 20 times for a price, and I always like to know the price before I consider buying jewelry.

    • Have at least one mirror so your customers can see how the jewelry looks on them.

    • Let your customers touch the jewelry. Most people prefer to feel and closely examine jewelry before they invest in it. I also believe that you should allow customers to try on the jewelry. It’s hard to imagine how a piece will look on you without trying it on first. Obviously earrings should not be tried on for health reasons, but you should allow the customers to place the earrings close to their ear, without putting it in, to get an idea of how it will look. Don’t worry about customers breaking jewelry or ruining your displays; people are usually very gentle and respectful of jewelry. Also, if you have displays, you don’t have to worry about the customer placing the necklace down lop-sided on the table because it’s nearly impossible to place a necklace lop-sided on a display. This way you can focus more on your customers, than always fixing the jewelry that people tried on.


If you want to find out more about how displays increase jewelry sales, check out the website that was used to help write this article: