How Can Impulse Purchase Items Be Displayed

Do you have a number of small items that you would like to display together for your customers to browse, so they can find that one item they don’t need but have to have? Well, here are some tips that can help you turn a small space into a display for small items.

    • Construct a display that can easily be changed by a quick table cover or new items

    • Find a small table or shelf that is easy exposed to shoppers and make a display of different size containers such as small boxes, baskets, tins or even vases. Arrange the containers in such a way that they look cohesive but are not all the same. You can put a small tin with a small basket or tall container with a tall vase (Silk flowers or other tall items that you want to sell are perfect for this).

    • A large tray that coordinates with the setting would also work nicely and the items can be changed as desired. The containers don’t have to be the same size or color; they just need to fit together in a group.

Once you have all the containers grouped an in a reachable area, fill the containers with the items you would like to sell. You can easily change the items as they sell or by seasons and holidays. By changing a table cover, you can make the displays look totally different without making major changes.