From the Web to Your Front Door

The web is great for business on a number of levels, it allows you to expand your reach, it offers highly measurable marketing opportunities which are cost effective, it provides the opportunity to engage with customers and so on. There are seemingly infinite reasons your business should be online but a big one is its ability to drive foot traffic to your physical store. Here is some great data that shows the impact of online marketing on the offline world accompanied with some links that should help you take advantage of the opportunities.


Online Marketing's Effect on Offline Business

Comscore research shows that search and display ads provide lift to retail sales.


Email can also be a driving force behind offline sales.


Measuring the Impact on Offline Sales

Measuring the offline sales generated by your online marketing campaigns can be a bit tricky but here are a few ways to make sure you give credit where credit is due.


Understanding how your customers use the web to research offline purchases is a crucial step to setting the right metrics for measuring success.


Maps and Local Listings

Now that you have a little background its time to get your business listed. The local business listings are a great place to start you can list your site in the major search engines (such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing) for free. You may want to consider other directories such as best of the web and Yelp as well.


Tips to Drive Foot Traffic

When planning your web marketing campaigns you'll want to make sure that your online and offline marketing work together.

Make sure you offer ways for your customers to connect and contact you.


Getting Social On the Web: Case Studies


There are many ways to interact and build your business on the web but it always helps to get some ideas from what others are doing. Here are some examples of "Bricks and Mortar" stores that have their act together on the web.


1. NameCheap and others.


2. Longhi's Restaurant


3. Naked Pizza


4. Sample Facebook Pages


5. @TheDryCleaner


If you have seen success for your offline business using the web let us know we'd love to hear about it.




Photo Credit: LinksmanJD