Fast Bows Great Packaging

Adding a bow to your gift can make all the difference in the way your packaging looks. Some bows can look great but also be difficult to tie, or just be too time consuming when business is busy. Here are five bow options that are fast and don’t sacrifice on looks.

It doesn’t get any faster then Satin Stretch Loops

satin stretch loopsIf a lot of your gifts go in the same size boxes, stretch loops are the way to go. They look hand tied, and all you need to do is slide them over the box. The down side is that they do come in set sizes, but you can use a single length on several sized boxes, place them lengthwise on smaller boxes and width wise one bigger sizes, you can even slide them over opposite corners on different shaped boxes. Overall if you’re pressed for time stretch loops are an instant solution.

Star Bows

Mini Star Bows

Star bows are the classic example of fast. You just peel and stick, it’s as simple as that. Star bows come in a range of sizes from these mini bows

all the way up to these. They also match many of our curling ribbon options, which allow you to keep a consistent theme whether you need a bow, or just some curling ribbon.

Pull Bows

Butterfly Pull BowsPull bows are a great invention they make it possible for anyone to tie a bow. You select the size bow you would like, and then just pull the ribbons, and like magic a perfect gift bow appears right before your eyes. These are fast, more elegant then star bows and really easy to use since they come pre-sized.

Pull Bows on A ReelPull Bows on a Reel

Pull bows on a reel give you a bit more control then other pull bows, because they are on a reel you can make the bows as big or small as you want or the tails as long or short as you want. They take a little more effort then the pre-sized bows, but if your wrapping gifts in different sizes it’s well worth it.

Curling Ribbon

Metallic Curling RibbonCurling ribbon is one of the most popular types of ribbon available, and for good reason. It comes is just about any color finish or style, it is really inexpensive, and it looks great. While it’s technically not a bow, I thought it was worth the mention because it is so versatile, and it’s easy to curl all you need is a sharp edge.

We hope you got some new ideas here that will make your life easier and your packaging look better. If you have additional ideas or favorites leave a comment we always enjoy feedback.