Custom Retail Packaging – Not just Bags and Boxes Anymore

The advertising value of printing your store’s name/logo on retail bags is endless. As long as you’re purchasing bags/boxes as “give-away” items to your customers, you might just as well spend a little more and have those same customers advertise your business as they walk throughout your town carrying merchandise from your business.

However, custom retail packaging isn’t limited to bags and boxes. Many retail packaging suppliers can custom print labels as an inexpensive and very flexible way to get your name out there. These custom labels can be round, square, rectangle or oval. Each shape can also come in many different sizes also. If those aren’t enough options, they also come in many different colors (including metallic).

The best part of having your own custom labels is that you can have one label that you put on your small shopping bags and on your apparel boxes (there’s the flexible part). Note: all shapes, sizes, colors of labels are available at Premier Packaging.

Another common customizable item is tissue paper (or food grade waxed tissue for those of you in the food industry). Simply having your logo or store name printed elegantly on tissue paper will show the recipient of a gift that it was purchased from your store. Again, the value of having your name/logo in front of consumers is limitless. By the way, since customizing tissue is a printing process the minimum is usually 10 reams.

Lastly we have custom printed ribbon. This can be an interesting and very subtle way of getting your name/logo in front of consumers. As you already know, ribbons come in many different fabrics, shapes, sizes and colors and most can be customized.

So, no matter what type of customization you choose, remember these are moving billboards that will be all over your town!